Top Pooch Picks

Hey Furiends!

I LOVE it when my mum goes shopping online for gifts for me, and she loves it too! She says there’s something so rewarding about spoiling your furry best friend! We decided to write a whole list of pawesome goodies that we didnt want you to miss out on either, because they are totally great value and something every pet friendly home NEEDS!

1.Furbo Dog Camera

Im starting with this one because its totally self explanatory as to why this is needed! Its super cool and definitely on our list for when mum goes to work next year! Main reason is it dispenses treats!! Even compatible with Amazon Alexa – so your mum can tell Alexa to toss you a treat! Is that not the coolest feature? If your more into the technical features it has full HD camera with 160 degrees wide-angle, 4x zoom and night vision – so your humans can see you clearly day or night! Some other things you might love about this is the 2 way talk system, so they can talk to you throughout the day and can tell when you are barking! This is why the Furbo Dog Cam is top of my list!

2018-10-17 (3)

2. Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

Did you know the average long haired dog costs between $600-$900 per year in grooming costs?! AND it takes maybe 1-3 ‘bad haircuts’ before DIY job becomes actually quite impressive? Sorry pals you may hate me for this one but i totally recommend letting your pawrents loose with these super flashy low noise Pet Clippers!


3. Zenify Slow Feeder Bowl

Chubby may be cute but slow it down buddy! If you cant resist scoffing your food then this bowl may be for you! There are a few of these on the market but this one stands out as it is not only super cheap but also great quality –┬áThis bowl is made with food-safe, high-strength ABS materials, and is phthalete free. The internal pattern is designed with no sharp edges and is bite resistant. Also super easy to clean and has a non slip base ­čÖé


4 Zenify Dog Gift Box

This is the best gift idea for new dog owners, or even a super thoughtful gift for your own pooch! This particular one is very conveniently packed full with goodies purposely supporting important development phases, after-all pups brain needs stimulation through chew and play! This box gets a thumbs up from me!


5. Pet Cooling Bed Mat

Hands up my Aussie pals – how freaking hot is it getting in the lead up to summer?! Apart from my Summer haircut theres not an awful lot that my pawrents can do to help me, so they are super excited to order this! Super smart self cooling mat (no water, no refrigeration, no electricity) makes it an essential summer item for at home or on the go!

cooling mat

6. Dog Toilet Bell

Toilet training can be hard work and very frustrating, when you gotta go you gotta go! I found this great solution that allows you to let your pawrents know as soon as you want to go outside! They just put this cute bell near the back door and you put your paw on it to alert them! Of course they will need to train you to do that but its as easy as them pressing it every time they let you out!

wee wee bell





7. Kong Classic Dog Toy

Never will there be a greater dog toy than the Kong! The genius that invented this really knew what us dogs want – it is completely unbreakable yet totally satisfying to chew, mentally stimulating and has an unpredictable bounce that really drives me crazy! Food can even be stuffed inside for hours and hours of enjoyment


8. Inflatable Post Surgery Collar

Im not going to pretend that im excited to wear this one, because obviously im not! But its definitely more appealing to me than the ‘Cone of Shame’

blowup colalr

9. Pet Car Barrier

TRAVEL SAFE with Pet Car Backseat Barrier for Dogs of all sizes and new puppies. Blocks the space between front seats and centre console, and super easy to fit around baby/child seats!

dog in car


10. Mucky Mutt Dog Paw Cleaner

Last but definitely not least – is this super handy paw cleaner! Very smart design means you can have clean paws at all times, no more dangerous hidden grass seeds or messy foot prints! Convenient size can be kept just near the back door so you can have your feet pampered on the way in to the house!

paw cleaner


Thankyou for reading – I hope you found value in my first list of must have goodies! We love to shop and will continue to review and let you know about all the best finds! Have a Pawsome day!